The company

Specialization in technical work is what identifies and characterizes us. Therefore, we strive to constantly update our level of knowledge and experience in the naval and industrial sectors, in which we are a reference.


Full adaptation to the needs of our customers.

In port terminals we respond to a rigorous delivery time so that their processes of loading and unloading of containers are not affected.

In the industry we immediately deal with the breakdown of production machinery as well as repairs at scheduled stops.

In the naval sector we are accustomed to repair quickly, since we are aware of the high costs of a ship in Off Hire.

Establishing a relationship of complicity with our clients is necessary to be able to fulfil our mission of offering a service on time and with quality.


Norsur is consolidated in the market of industrial and naval repairs and maintenance. We have the facilities and equipment necessary to meet customer requirements. We maintain a stable staff with professionals of proven experience in the different fields that our work covers.

This allows us to face new targets every day, expanding our market in both the maritime and industrial sectors. Our daily work is focused on a unique goal, full customer satisfaction.


We have created a fixed working protocol that affects all members of our team involved in each project. This benefits the client, since it allows a better control of each process and a quick response to possible changes or incidents.


Renewed or die. We constantly observe the appearance of new machinery, methods of work or services, immediately renewing our work teams when they appear useful in the market that allow us to obtain better results.

Customer Orientation

In Norsur, we guide the client so that each project is executed as soon as possible and with the best results. For this, we always present several options to tackle a job, so the client can determine the most favourable way to achieve their goals.

Continuous improvement

The spirit of Norsur. Our sector is constantly evolving, and if you do not work from a continuous improvement perspective you run the risk of not being up to the times. At Norsur we improve our procedures every day to ensure your satisfaction.


Norsur is aware of the importance of betting on innovative formulas to stand out as a leading company in the development of procedures, so we are constantly analysing new production processes and materials.

Smooth communication

At Norsur, communication with our customers is key, and we are able to transmit their requirements so that we can implement the necessary innovations in each project. It is essential to provide a satisfactory service in time to keep up with our customers.

Let’s talk

In Norsur we work tirelessly to achieve customer satisfaction. We care about your needs, and we are ready to assist you 24 hours a day. If you need any service, do not hesitate to contact us.